Visual artist / photographer, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague.

As a visual artist, I photograph everyday objects and situations which have been stripped of any frills in order to reveal the essence of their existence.
I encourage present and past to challenge each other, in which the unspoken and unseen play just as important role as the reality depicted.
The photos are intriguing moments of stillness; the beginning of an intense and inspiring visual experience.


From my company, I develop projects for many different clients, such as (educative) workshops, team-building, presentations, and art for interior as well as exterior spaces.
I have a broad experience in the organization of festivals and exhibitions. And by collaborating with various artists and organisations, I aim to achieve the best results.
I worked at a primary school as an Internal Culture Coordinator (I.C.C.) and art teacher until the end of 2018.

Member of

Haagse Kunstkring
Pulchri Studio 
Stroom Haags Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst