Ooievaar Art & Culture Festival
The Hague City Council, department of Social Affairs / Ooievaar Festival Foundation
In cooperation with:

The Ooievaar Art & Culture Festival has been the free art and culture festival for the past 15 years especially for Ooievaar cardholders. The Ooievaar pass offers low-income residents of The Hague, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Rijswijk free or cheap admission to a large number of local services and activities.

The main goal of the Ooievaar Art & Culture Festival is to encourage cardholders to get to know what’s on offer in the world of art and culture in The Hague, especially since art and culture connects people, stimulates integration, prevents loneliness and contributes to a ‘richer’ life for the cardholder.

Each year, the festival attracts more than 6,000 visitors of all ages, who come to enjoy various kinds of entertainment, free workshops and an art and culture market attended by cultural institutions wishing to hand out information to their visitors.

The Haags Uit Festival united forces with the Ooievaar Art & Culture Festival in 2010. Both the Ooievaar pass and the Art & Culture Festival are highly publicized at the opening of the cultural season.

De Kruiff Art Projects and 125Procent are the design owners and producers of the Ooievaar Art & Culture Festival.