Zinc Tubs project

Susan re-introduces the old zinc tub  in order to explore social and environmental differences from an historical perspective. After all, there used to be a zinc tub in more or less every household in Holland. The way in which, and by whom, the tub was used depended very much on the place (the environment) it stood. She went looking for the ‘zinc tub sentiment’, still held by some Dutch today, and asked 100 visitors of the Photo Festival Naarden and people shopping in the centre of The Hague to literally and figuratively put the zinc tub somewhere and describe which feelings it evokes from the past. This process resulted in more than 100 Polaroid colour photo’s with a few words written by the person portrayed with the tub. From then on the Photo Festival Naarden decided to expand its event by including another theme called ‚Bekijks’.

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